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best hugo boss colognes

In 1924, Hugo Boss formed a business named after him in Germany, which continues to be a force in the fashion industry and is renowned for its European-style designs. Over the past few years, this brand has also been known for lending its name to a variety of luxury perfumes. These perfumes have managed to capture the public’s intellect for almost four decades now.

Since 1985, the brand has created quite a few legendary colognes, perhaps too many to count in one post. And it can make it hard for someone to pick the one they believe is perfect for their style. To help out in this respect, we looked for the best Hugo Boss colognes and summarized them below, so everyone can find the perfect scent to wear at any point of time.


1. Hugo Boss Man Extreme Parfum
1. Hugo Boss Man Extreme Parfum
2. Hugo Boss Urban Journey
2. Hugo Boss Urban Journey
3. Hugo Boss Iced Eau de Toilette
3. Hugo Boss Iced Eau de Toilette
4. Boss In Motion For Men
4. Boss In Motion For Men
5. Hugo Boss Bottled Night
5. Hugo Boss Bottled Night
6. Hugo Boss Man
6. Hugo Boss Man
7. Hugo Boss Dark Blue
7. Hugo Boss Dark Blue
8. Hugo Boss Energise
8. Hugo Boss Energise
9. Hugo Boss Bottled
9. Hugo Boss Bottled
10. Hugo Boss The Scent
10. Hugo Boss The Scent

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Best Hugo Boss Colognes

1.Hugo Boss Man Extreme

This Hugo Boss perfume is made to drive urban men’s mindset to the next level. It does this with a superb combination of masculine and feminine flavors that work together to build the chemistry that modern men need today. It has a new fragrance, like green apples, and heart notes of sage, lavender, and geranium. At its base,  you have the distinct tones of balsamic fir and cedarwood. It has a moderate sillage, and its longevity is extraordinary. This is one of the best hugo boss colognes and an ideal perfume for men to wear in the workplace or for a night out with buddies.

2.Hugo Boss Urban Journey

Hugo Urban Journey was launched in 2018 and because of it’s fragrance that attracts a lot of young men; it has managed to become one of the top cologne for men in a limited amount of time. That’s because this perfume conveys the confidence and fascination of a new urban adventurer and is ideal for someone considering a night out.

Its energetic fragrance contains the green accord top notes and the Himalayan Whorl flowers. Its heart note contains the aromatic strength of black tea, and the essential notes of this cologne are guaiac-wood and sandalwood. And it’s all put in a bottle shaped like a flash that the explorer would carry on an expedition with them.

3.Hugo Boss Iced

Hugo Boss Iced is a fresh fragrance that was developed in 2017. It has a mild sillage and longevity, and is built to give the modern men a sense of style. This perfume has soothing top notes of tea and mint, with heart notes of bitter orange and juniper, and its base has a ground aroma of vetiver. If the guy who puts on this cologne isn’t cool in the first place, he’ll soon be as it really cools off the skin as it winds off. It’s a good fragrance for both the boardroom and also the bedroom.

4.Boss In Motion For Men

Boss in Motion is not a brand new fragrance.  In fact, it was first developed in 2002 by Domitille Michalon and is built for athletic people who don’t want to wait for anything to happen. Men who carry this perfume tend to fulfill their ambitions, and they don’t have time for essentially meaningless matters. This cologne has top notes of bergamot, citrus, and basil. Its heart notes are loaded with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and pink-pepper.  And at the very root, there are field notes of musk, sandalwood, and vetiver. Overall, it is one of the best hugo boss colognes and it’s the fragrance of men who’re up for everything.

5.Hugo Boss Bottled Night

Bottled Night, created in 2010, is a scent that reflects contemporary sensibilities and perfection. It’s made for men who know what they desire and do their best to accomplish it. It’s also a scent that’s just as good for the boardroom as it’s for a night out in the city. This thrilling fragrance has a base note of wood and musk, a heart note of violet and a top note of birch combined with lavender. While the sillage is not too thick, its endurance is strong enough to get the wearer out of work and into his nighttime activities.

6.Hugo Boss Man

Hugo Boss Man is very much like his cousin, Hugo Boss Man Extreme. It’s even stored in the same glass bottle. There is a slight distinction between these two scents, though, and we believe Man is superior than Man Extreme. That’s because this fragrance is lighter on the senses and more subtle than the other. It’s got notes of green apples, scents of the trees, as well as a herbal twist that we just can’t put our hands on. This scent is built for a future adventurer who feels at home on the trail and needs to see what’s going on over the horizon.

7.Hugo Boss Dark Blue

Introduced at the end of the twentieth century, Hugo Boss Dark Blue is a fragrance that takes one back to an earlier time. In its top notes, the spicy Asian spices combine well with the earthy notes contained at the base. Its top notes contain bergamot, grapefruit, orange, lemon, and ginger.  Its heart notes contain scents of cypress, sage, and geranium. Patchouli, benzoin, and vanilla form the basis of this fragrance and help hold it anchored.

It’s blend of fragrances also ensures that this cologne can be worn all over the places from the workplace to the club and can be worn without skipping a beat. No doubt, this is also one of the best hugo boss colognes.

8.Hugo Boss Energise

Everyone who takes a quick glimpse at the bottle of Hugo Boss Energise realizes there’s just something very special about it. It gives you the feeling that what is inside of it must be unique. This is most definitely the case. This cologne has a captivating and intense top note of pink-pepper, mint, kumquat, pineapple leaf, and citrus. Its middle notes contain the fragrance of juniper, nutmeg, clary sage, and freesia. At the bottom of this fragrance, at its very heart, are the base notes of leather, vanilla, and teak wood. All these flavors come together to produce a cologne that’s made for the guy out and about.

9.Hugo Boss Bottled

While we have to admit that we’re not sure why this cologne is called Bottled, we know it’s a perfume that’s been destined to remain a classic and has been around for some time. The bottle of this cologne is very iconic which was first made available to the public in the year 1998. Within this glass bottle is an enticing elixir composed of citrus top notes, with spicy middle notes and earthy base notes. After spraying this cologne, the wearer would first be hit by the scent of apples, plums, lemon, and bergamot. This gives way to the smells of cinnamon, mahogany, and carnation. Its foundation is made up of an olive tree, sandalwood, and vanilla.

10.Hugo Boss The Scent

Hugo Boss The Scent, announced as recently as 2015, The Perfume is a Hugo Boss cologne that comes in a stylish glass bottle and has a scent that grows and inhales sensuality. When sprayed to the skin, this perfume opens with top notes of bergamot, ginger, and mandarin orange. These notes soon blend into the middle notes of the cologne, however, these notes contain scents such as lavender and Minka-fruit. It stays on its middle notes for quite some time, and then gradually fades into its baseline notes. At the root are notes of leather, and autumn wood. This makes this perfume specially made for men who want to smell their finest throughout the day.

A Guide To Hugo Boss Colognes

Hugo Boss is a brand that has been steadily growing for almost 100 years now and is also known for producing some of the most trendy apparel the world has ever seen. Sadly, while many people know that they have a line of clothes, and fewer people realize that they also have a line of fragrances. That’s why we wanted to write this guide. A guide that will provide our readers with all the details they desire not only on this established brand but also on their fragrance line.

The History Of Hugo Boss Colognes

Before we talk about the past of the Hugo Boss fragrance collection, we need to know about how the business originated. This brand can trace its origins back to the year 1923 when Hugo Boss wanted to set up a clothing brand. He was headquartered in Metzingen, Germany, and the next year he had a factory that made tops, coats, rain gears, and working clothes. Unfortunately, because of the difficult economic situation at the time, Hugo Boss ended up in debt. Insolvency took everything he had put into the firm, with the exception of six sewing machines—just enough then to give the company a rehab start.

While the company was in operation for several years, it wasn’t until 1985 that the company planned to introduce a perfume range. Boss Number One was launched that year—a scent that had top notes of citrus, juniper, bergamot, and green apple; with middle notes of geranium, sage, rose, and honey; and base notes which included cinnamon, tobacco, pine, cedar, and patchouli. Since then, more than 100 fragrance variations have been released—a premium range for everyone to enjoy.

Hugo Boss Fragrance Collections

While the easiest way to pick a Hugo Boss cologne is to select from those we have on our list above, the fact is that many people enjoy searching around fragrance collections. So we wanted to write this segment, which introduced a few of our beloved Hugo Boss Cologne ranges that are available at the moment. Anyone who searches through these selections is guaranteed to discover the perfect perfume for them.

Boss In Motion Collection

Boss In Motion is a fantastic set of Hugo Boss Cologne Collection. The first cologne from this line was launched in 2002 and the last was released in the year 2009, so it may be too old for certain people. However, we found these aromatic and woodsy colognes to be very fantastic for us. Many of the notes used in these colognes contain jasmine, citrus notes, sage, purple leaf, nutmeg, patchouli, cedar, and sandalwood. Below are some of the colognes listed in this catalog.

  • Boss In Motion
  • Boss In Motion Blue
  • Boss In Motion Black
  • Boss In Motion Green
  • Boss In Motion White
  • Boss In Motion Orange
  • Boss In Motion Edition IV

Boss Bottled Collection

Boss Bottled is another series of colognes from Hugo Boss that we admire and a collection that we hope all of our readers would enjoy. All of the Colognes in this range have a woody floral fragrance that is warm and comforting. Although each cologne in this line is unique, some of the notes used in it are including vetiver, musk, cedar, olive tree, sandalwood, cinnamon, citrus notes, lavender, carnation, or cashmere wood. The first cologne in this series was launched in 1998 and the last was made public just a few months ago. Below are among the fragrances that can be found in the Bottled collection.

  • Boss Bottled
  • Boss Bottled Night
  • Boss Bottled Absolute
  • Boss Bottled Intense
  • Boss Bottled Sport
  • Boss Bottled Oud
  • Boss Bottled Oud Aromatic
  • Boss Bottled United
  • Boss Bottled Unlimited
  • Boss Bottled Infinite

Boss The Scent Collection

The next series we plan to bring to our readers is the Boss The Scent Collection. This is a newer range that has been launched by Hugo Boss and is still being developed with fantastic fragrances. The first fragrance was released in the year 2015 and the last fragrance was launched just a few months ago. There are wonderful masculine and feminine scents in this range that almost anyone will appreciate.  Many of the feminine colognes include orange mandarin, freesia, honey, coffee, peach, osmanthus, cocoa, and orange blossom. Most of the masculine Colognes include cardamom, orange, ginger, bergamot, notes of oak, citrus notes, vanilla, and leather. Below is the list of a few Colognes in this range.

  • Boss The Scent
  • Boss The Scent Intense
  • Boss The Scent Absolute
  • Boss The Scent For Her
  • Boss The Scent Private Accord
  • Boss The Scent Parfum Edition
  • Boss The Scent Private Accord For Her

Some Final Hugo Boss Collections

Before we finish this guide, we would like to share with our readers some of the other Collections of Hugo Boss Cologne. We feel that if we did not at least mention the following items, we would be neglected from our duty, so we included them in the following list.

  • Hugo
  • Hugo Woman
  • Hugo Energise
  • Hugo Runway Edition
  • Hugo XX XY
  • Hugo Boss On The Go
  • Hugo Boss Orange
  • Boss Femme
  • Boss Nuit
  • Boss Jour
  • Boss Elements
  • Boss Ma Vie
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