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Jimmy Choo is a very well known name for fashion, design, glamour, and perfumes. This brand is quite popular in the perfume industry because of the high-quality fragrances that are associated with it. Every jimmy choo perfume has been handcrafted with care, gives the wearer an air of class and elegance, and making them feel more powerful, confident, and beautiful. 

With a wide variety of jimmy choo fragrances to choose from, it’s hard not to splurge or pick out the best scent suitable for you. When it comes to investing in a high-end perfume, several factors come into play, such as its longevity, performance, and notes and scent in general.

Since trying out all the perfumes will be tedious and expensive, we have compiled together with the top 10 best jimmy choo fragrances one can buy. Based on multiple jimmy choo reviews, the perfumes in this list can be vouched for by many users.


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The intricate and beautiful design of this bottle usually convinces most users to purchase this fragrance. This light and refreshing scent consist of floral notes that are perfect for springtime. With fruity notes of peach, lime, orange, as well as floral, musky, and woodsy notes of apricot blossom and sweet pea, this jimmy choo perfume for women has a clean, crisp, and delicate scent.

A feminine fragrance that is long-lasting, the bottle’s design makes it stand out and will be the perfect gift for the woman in your life. Designed to help radiate beauty and confidence, Eau de Toilette works well during the summer and springtime.


Seductive and sensual, this high-end perfume is part of the jimmy choo for women line and is one of the most popular jimmy choo fragrances by far. It has an aromatic and empowering scent and mainly has mandarin, pear, orchids, and toffee. This fragrance is versatile enough to be worn for everyday use; however, one should keep a glamorous and luxurious fragrance like this for their life’s main events.

This sweet fragrance fades away to warm and spicier scents and is long-lasting enough to be worn for more than 7 hours. The packaging is also quite beautiful and unique and will be a great addition to your dressing table.


Fever Eau de Parfum was the most popular jimmy choo perfume in 2018 and went viral almost instantly. The perfume encased inside a dark purple bottle gives off a mysterious and romantic aura and will look stunning on anyone’s table. This hypnotic scent mainly has notes of plum, grapefruit zest, and sweet lychee. This scent dries down into various fragrances such as jasmine, orange blossom, spicy vanilla, and espresso.

Sensual and seductive, this fragrance would work correctly for enchanting nights during the fall season, but is multi-purpose and worn during the day in any weather. This aromatic perfume lasts for 8 hours, and its stunning packaging works well as a gift.


Anne Flipo mixed and introduced this perfume in 2015, categorized as a sweet and intoxicating fragrance. Tempting and seductive, this jimmy choo ladies’ perfume was designed for women who wanted to appear more confident and bold.

Illicit has a unique combination of apricot, orange, and ginger notes. It dries down to more floral notes such as rose, jasmine, and freesia. This perfume also contains spicy and musky hints of vanilla, sandalwood, and benzoin.

A feminine and clean perfume, Illicit is best for chilly evenings and is sure to make heads turn. Its long-lasting capability makes sure you smell your best the entire night.


Jimmy Choo launched this soft, gentle, and feminine fragrance in 2017, and is a predecessor of the Jimmy Choo perfume Floral Eau de Toilette. This perfume opens with significant notes of hibiscus and bergamot, along with heart notes of peach and peony. This fragrance has the signature pink jimmy choo perfume bottle and is quite pretty.

Although it isn’t as long-lasting than other perfumes, the L’eau de Toilette can be sprayed multiple times during the day for a luminous, long-lasting effect. This fresh and fruity scent will garner compliments and make you stand out in the crowd.


Divine and powerful, this scent was aimed at confident and bold women who want to reflect their very best to the crowd. With fruit notes of raspberry and citrus, this enchanting fragrance will make you feel superior and confident every day.

It also contains appealing, musky scents such as white wood, roses, peonies, and sweet pea. This long-lasting, heavenly perfume works well for parties that last way into the night.


This jimmy choo men’s cologne was designed mainly for men who want to add a little zing into their style. This delightful scent is quite rich and gives off an air of sophistication when used. The cologne mainly has notes of pepper, jasmine, and sage. Heart notes include a delightful mix of apple, pineapple, and cypress notes. Dry-off may result in woodsy and musky scents such as vanilla, sandalwood, and leather.

Its versatility and longevity make this fragrance suitable for everyday use. A bold scent that gives every man the boost of confidence he needs.


Man Ice works well for self-determined men who want to retain their powerful aura and personality. This cool and refreshing fragrance will give off a vibe of independence, making sure you stand out in the crowd. This men’s jimmy choo cologne has citrusy and woodsy scents, with prominent notes of mandarin orange, citron, and secondary notes of apple, patchouli, cedarwood, and moss.

This long-lasting perfume is meant to be used during office hours and is an excellent way of showing that you are a man who is assertive, responsible, and can also have fun if need be.


This men’s jimmy choo perfume is relatively new and has a robust and masculine scent. It is long-lasting and versatile enough to be worn for everyday use. This cologne opens with notes of orange, melon, and lavender. After drying down, hints of geranium and pepper become more distinct. After a few hours of wearing this fragrance, the scents of patchouli and Tonka bean become noticeable, which are the base notes of this jimmy choo men’s cologne.

This cologne works well for men of all ages and is excellent for men who want to give off a mysterious and exotic vibe.


Jimmy Choo Man is a cologne designed and put out for the modern man, full of responsibilities but can still make-over time for fun after dealing with his priorities first. The scent itself is masculine and seductive, and a great way to boost your style and confidence. It gives off a sort of coolness, and the wearer will be perceived as gentlemen.

This cologne mainly contains fruity and woodsy notes that blend to make an intoxicating scent. Notes of honeydew melon, pineapple, lavender, patchouli, and pepper are noticeable in this fragrance. This long-lasting cologne can be used for any work during any time of the day.

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