Best Jo Malone Perfumes in 2020 – Top 10 Reviews

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Jo Malone Perfumes industry is the epitome of the finest and luxurious scents that drives you crazy!

The beautiful concoction of classy fragrances by Jo Malone empowers sensational elixirs that not only boost your self-esteem but make you more desirable in one’s eye.

The comprehensive collection of Jo Malone’s fresh and floral aromas goes on to mysterious and spicy auras, making it difficult for you to settle with one.

This is why we reviewed, rated, and narrowed down your choice to the ten best Jo Malone colognes from their catalog.


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Let Jo Malone be your upcoming signature scent!

Dive in; Have fun 😊

Jo Malone’s Grapefruit is an appealing unisex cologne that ranks top on Fragranceer’s review list. This captivating scent from the house of Jo Malone was launched in early 1992 with such dazzling auras that caught everyone’s eye.

Although it’s unisexual, its wearer can be both men and women.

This best selling Jo Malone cologne opens up with sizzling citrusy notes of tangerine and grapefruit that sublimes into the floral notes of jasmine and rosemary with a ting of mint. Now, this breathtaking profile settles into the earthy base notes of vetiver and oakmoss. Glam your looks with a few puffs of it!

Wore by anyone, anywhere!


In Jo Malone perfumes catalog; English pear and freesia, rocks. With an explicit British tone, it offers juicy floral notes that undoubtedly make you feel fresh all day long.

This best Jo Malone scent starts with top notes of melon and English pears that lower down to the wonderful fragrance of English roses and freesia, eventually settling into seductive muskier base notes.

This best selling Jo Malone cologne is light and elegant away from dark notes; thereby is a safe choice for office sites. This cologne by Joe Malone best suits middle-aged women in their 30’s. 

The great everyday go-to scent for the summer, spring, and fall!


The 2014 cologne by Jo Malone is an all-time best fragrance that is up with a complex profile; featuring seaside auras.

The notes of this cologne are mingled together so tightly that it’s difficult to distinguish the hear notes from top and base notes. However, in a puff, you can feel the grapefruit and sage combo with sea salt and weed, all with a hint of musk mallow, featuring a breezy vibe.

This unique and classy cologne is best for your casual zone, in spring and early summers.

A super versatile- sophisticated freshie!


Blackberry cologne is light and refreshing that lies in a tangy and herbal zone feature a light sweet tone.

This fruity aroma party starts with a greenish blast of grapefruit with hints of woodsy and spicy notes. Whispering soft florals, it mixes in with heart notes of blackberry that is tart and juicy with supernatural auras. Settling in with the base notes of woody undertone, you get a touch of vetiver mingled with cedar.

Blackberry & Bay can’t be your powerhouse that screams for attention; it is simple sweet best for spring, summer, and early winters.

Your ultimate satisfaction!


Peony and Blush Suede is a unique floral scent that follows a faint fruity fragrance.

Its bottle opens up with a spark of fresh and floral-fruity notes with a subtle hint of apple, whereas it’s middle notes are the ones that soar out this cologne by Jo Malone. This is because heart notes carry the unified smell of a bouquet that combines the fragrances of peony, carnation, rose, and jasmine, while the base is a simple note of suede.

This super fizzy concoction features a clean, gentle scent with a hint of sweetness. You can wear it all day long throughout the year.

Less is more; don’t overspray!


Another alluring scent by Jo Malone London is the Mimosa and Cardamom cologne that is coming all way through 2015 and is still renowned by its simple and stunning aromas.

As an all-day fragrance, this cologne owns a simple and subtle profile so the wearer can handle it easily. Its top note is cardamom that vanishes into mimosa heart notes and eventually rests into base notes of Tonka bean.

Due to light sillage, average notes, and good longevity; it can be your all day long signature scent!

Simple and smart that fits your looks!


Red Rose is empowered with a beautiful blend of seven types of roses, a unique touch, not one from historical times.

This bright and fresh rose scent is nuanced with some too subtle top and base notes. At the start, you face a blast of wet and fresh roses with a low lemon minty vibe. The heart notes are beautiful rosy notes that sink into the subtle base note of beeswax.

The best thing it features is the sillage and high longevity—best for your dates and dinners.

Swim into rose vibes of Red Roses!


A spicy, fruity fragrance- Pomegranate Noir- is best for both men and women, although it is a unisex Jo Malone cologne.

From its launch in 2005 till today, it’s been ranked as a famous Jo Malone perfume that is breaking records.

It greets you with a dark and deep red accord of pomegranate, raspberry, and plum. Then it opens up a new way to needle vibes of spicy notes in which roses, clove, pink peppercorns, jasmine, and wood, remains at the top. This all sinks into the subtle notes of amber, cedar, and musk that the wearer enjoys the most.

 Although this cologne of Jo Malone owns a good sillage, it’s never been overwhelmed.

Rich dark warmth to go with!


Nectarine Blossom is a bright, fresh, and clean scent that refreshen you anyway.

This pleasing scent from Jo Malone creates an aura of juicy sweetness around you, leaving a soft impression by your side. It’s still an impressive cologne, although it’s 15 years old now.

Nectarine Blossom being a honey perfume, its aura seems somewhat missing in it. The dominant player is its fruity nectarine and base peach note, while the top notes are of petitgrain and black currant that mingles in with fruity middle notes of black locust and nectarine.

Blossom and Honey- a Jo Malone cologne is a beautiful fragrance that easily lines out between masculinity and femininity.

Youthful and light- A Blossom bite!


With the romantic scent profile, the Orange Blossom arose in sensation whoever tries it. This unisex cologne is in the perfume colony from the past two decades but still owns the power to lure you out.

Featuring very bright and energetic auras, it opens up with the fruity scent of oranges and citrons with subtle floral heart notes of African orange flowers and lotus blossoms. This all sublimes to the single floral base note of sweet lilacs in the spring.

All these sensational notes create a great fragrance of sweet juicy, and orangey citrus that draws people out because of the light sillage.

Be an Orange Blossom!

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