7 Best Smelling Lavender Colognes for Men

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Lavender is a popular note in men’s colognes, women’s perfumes, home air fresheners, and other products. It has a familiar aroma as well as a smooth and relaxing effect. In a nutshell, it’s a standard note with a wide range of applications in the world of scent. So, if you’re searching for a lavender-based cologne, we’ve got a lot of choices.

With that in mind, what are the finest lavender-scented perfumes for men? In this piece, I will give seven options in which lavender is a major attraction. Some of the examples on the list will be more of a pure usage of the note, but others will be the key actor within a larger composition.

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What are the Best Smelling Lavender Perfumes for Men?

Spice, Amber, and Lavender

Jo Malone Amber And Lavender Cologne

This Jo Malone scent has amber and lavender tones, as the name indicates. However, it also contains a mixture of natural spices, which gives this smell more body and depth.

Amber and Lavender is immaculate and fresh, with a lovely opening sequence. The title notes are clearly the stars here, and there is definitely more lavender.

However, there is a strong mint and clove smell, as well as earthy patchouli. In combination with other notes, this lavender cologne is a really intriguing application of this note.

Luna Rossa Lavender

Prada Luna Rossa CARBON for Men Eau de Toilette

Luna Rossa Carbon isn’t entirely a lavender scent, but it does have a strong lavender note that lasts throughout the day.

There’s a citrus-lavender blend that’s vibrant and powerful, with a peppery edge from the outset. This is one of the finest alternatives on the list for a popular mainstream smell with our desired note.

All of this is enveloped by the grasp of a warm amber tone with a metallic undertone. This is sometimes associated with Dior’s Sauvage, to which it is similar, but with a toned-down ambroxan note and beefed-up lavender.

Dry and Cool

Geo F. Trumper Lavender Water Cologne

Lavender Water is an old-school lavender cologne that goes back to 1898 and is still in production thanks to the primary usage of lavender in its recipe.

It’s an intriguing combination of lavender and the cold tang of mint. It also has a very dry flavor because of the blend of lavender and oakmoss. Smooth, rugged, and outdoorsy. This perfume is mintier than the Jo Malone scent, but not as much spiciness.

Lavender and Sandalwood

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Eau de Toilette

Eternity, a famous men’s fragrance from the early 1990s, has a soapy lavender scent with bright citrus notes and a fresh green spiciness.

Eternity lavender cologne has a robust woody center thanks to the sandalwood note supplemented by various herbal notes. This Calvin Klein perfume is now considered a classic.

The lavender finally emerges as the final note remaining, but on top of a sandalwood foundation. Citrus and herbal undertones give it a spicy and fruity finish.

Sweet Creamy Lavender

Prada Luna Rossa Sport for Men

Luna Rossa Sport contains lavender with a sweet vanilla undertone and a creamy tonka bean finish. The flavor is relatively fresh, with a hint of ginger spiciness. This lavender cologne is my favorite fragrance from the Luna Rossa collection.

I enjoy excellent performance and something that can be worn on almost any occasion. Unfortunately, the lavender isn’t as strong as it is in Luna Rossa Carbon, so I’d go with that one if I needed a lavender fix. This, on the other hand, is fantastic wear.

Paco Rabanne


Paco Rabanne is a masculine Fougere lavender cologne. Paco Rabanne was designed by Jean Martel’s triple talisman and debuted in 1973. The aroma of lavender blended with the aroma of grass.

Paco Rabanne introduced a blast of wood energy in the form of a very powerful, warm, and fresh herb. The combination of rose and sage essences produces a one-of-a-kind fresh beginning.

As it settles into the sedimentary region, the aroma becomes more dazzling and suddenly breaks the lovely interweaving of lavender and tonka, evoking tremendous desire.

A gentle flowery bloom is the centerpiece of the geranium essence at the scent’s foundation. Then, finally, the olfactory senses’ base notes are enveloped in the manly breath of warm amber and seductive musk, all beautifully combined with grass, honey, and oakmoss—feelings of one-of-a-kind enjoyment that are incredibly pleasurable.

Bottle samples are distinguished by a basic yet energetic design—a classic design with clear straight lines inspired by whiskey bottles. The lid is square and angular to emphasize the bottle’s robustness.

As a symbol of enduring appeal, Paco Rabanne Pour Homme reflects a style of confidence and captivating charm. This is the first Fougere perfume, ushering in a new scent line.

F by Ferragamo Black

F by Ferragamo Black By Salvatore Ferragamo For Men

F by Ferragamo Black was introduced to the market in 2009. It is an exquisite lavender cologne appropriate for nighttime wear and is a more in-depth edition of F by Ferragamo. Olivier Polge is the designer of this scent.

The aroma is enigmatic, sweet, and tearful when blended with vanilla and tonka bean. The top notes open with a considerable quantity of lavender aroma that is smooth and somewhat sweet.

These components are continuously distributed to enhance each perfume element and buffer the scent of labdanum oil spread. As a result, the pepper taste emerges but is fairly light, and the majority of the lavender and tonka bean drip nonstop, with a hint of grass blossoms in the background.

The perfume bottle is designed in the same way as the original F by Ferragamo bottle, with a lovely and sensual appearance with a strap. A bottle cap with the squeeze of a leather strap provides a macho and robust look.

F By Ferragamo Black is a traditional and unique lavender cologne for contemporary men’s skin. This scent is likely to satisfy since it exudes confidence, strength, and masculinity while remaining elegant in any scenario.

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