10 Best Smelling Oud Colognes For Men

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A rare, dark-scented resign from Aquilaria tree gives out an irresistibly strong, luxurious masculine scent that’s undeniably sensual and appealingly sophisticated IT’S OUD!

Oud is a true oriental scent, whose auras vary from woody, musty, balsamic to bittersweet and sweet, all based on how it’s used. It can be potent sometimes, so beware, little hearts!

With the time-honored status of being the best scent, Oud speaks loud with its mysterious characteristics that you can’t even wink your eye at. So, if you want your scent to be loud enough, highly appealing with an added glam and glare at the same time, consider adding Oud based cologne to your perfumery from our gallery of 10 best oud colognes you’ll love to wear on!

Let Oud add in touch with you!


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Enjoy the luxurious oud catalog!


Fragranceer rated Armaf No.1 because of its exclusive scent profile that will dip everyone in. This profound oud scent offers sizzling odors given off from bergamot, pineapples, lemons, apples, and black currants that mix up with fruity, leathery, and sensually exciting woody tones, creating a superficial veil of mysterious aromas. The intoxicating elixirs of Oud it offers surround you in the blanket of warmth and comfort, giving an experience that no one offers- It’s a real sensuous mystery of Intense Man!

ARMAF- For Intense moments that matters!


Sweet Oud cologne that wraps you in its warm oriental tones is what Shaghaf Oud is known for! It’s an Oriental- French scent that leaves unexplained expression around you, making others more to know about you.

It begins with saffron that mixes with the heart made of Oud and red roses, creating an enchanting aura of redolence scents. Its base has praline, vanilla, and more oud wood for added uniqueness. This all gives man a sense of elevated confidence that adds value to his life.

Shaghaf Oud fragrance is a scent profile with enormous silage and prides that lasts all day long- Have it on you then what to care!

Impossible is nothing for Shaghaf Oud!


A of S’s best smelling oud cologne Intense owes aromatic powers that puffs in a new life to the atmosphere, creating a magical world around you in which you glare Intense!

It shines at the top with citrusy-sweet scents of bergamot, rosemary, and mouth-watering lemons. Now the great geranium with saffron and lavender resides in its heart that is based on wood, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, and guaiac- making it a full package of unique scents.

It’s intense, so wear where you want to be the center spot. It’s good for morning and evening vibes and will stay by your side all day long!

Just do the Intense!


Dunhill’s Oud cologne- Icon Absolute offers a super elegant, smooth, and toned down experience that no other oud cologne will offer.

The best oud scent given off by Icon is a result of keynotes it’s made of. They’re Sicilian bergamot, black pepper, and shining saffron, making it a perfectly evened oud cologne of spices and florals.

This subtle beauty is a unique gold-cased bottle that makes it more opulent and neater- Providing you with a classic-graceful look!

Fear no more with Dunhill!

5.YSL - M7 OUD

M7 Oud has an irresistible combination of rich aromas that grabs anyone’s attention and makes them complement you.

 This oud cologne for men was launched in 2011 with a total of 5 notes. The top is cardamom essence, which gives off a fresher woody scent that falls into the heart of cyporial, finally mixing at a base made of cedarwood essence and agarwood accords.

It’s going to linger all day long with a super oud smell that’s just amazing. You should have to try it on- it will never let you down!

M7 Oud likes no other!


2007 luxury Tom Ford’s Oud Wood is the best oud fragrance of woodsy, balsamic, aromatic, and spicy tones.

The exotic features of this perfume include cardamom top notes, which make it woodsier and more appealing. To provide an extra touch of warmth and sensuality, Tonka beans and amber jumps in. Then a revelation of smoky blends occurs with agarwood, sandalwood, and vetiver at backstage.

This super concoction wraps the wearer in its sensual woody auras that it’s hard to break the spell- It’s an attractive and long-lasting little bomb!

Let Oud Wood play the lead!


2011 men fragrance Montale Paris Red featured by YSL is a crispier-exotic touch that every time you want to wear on! It’s an oudy-woody oriental scent that instantly builds super heavens around you.

This wood scented perfume has a top of mandarin orange that mingles with patchouli and finally settles into a French labdanum base- creating auras that are unforgettable!

So wear loud and ignite the flames confidence and high repute with Montale Paris- It’s an incredible Red, have it on!

Mansome is awesome with Red Paris!


A 2013 time-honored Versace Oud Noir is a warm and spicy fragrance that’s just incredible. It carries balsamic and citrusy blast that’s hard to forget once sniffed in.

At the top of this fragrance reside the notes of black pepper, neroli, and bitter oranges that settle into its heart of saffron and cardamom that relies on Oud’s base, patchouli, and eastern leatherwood.

It’s one of the best oud scents with longevity high and sillage relatively moderate that you won’t need to apply over and over, as it remains by your side all day long- So, let Oud speak on your behalf!

Noir’s pure pleasure!


Armani Prive Oud Royal is a sensual-magnetic game that does justice to its magnificent richness- enhancing the wearer’s character.

It features amber that amplifies the fragrance with saffron roses and sandalwood to intensify its warmth. This best oud men’s fragrnace showcases unique and precious oud wood with smoky leathery and animal ascents that empowers it to be a mystic-tempting jewel.

It’s an increadible master piece that expresses balsamic tones with floral inflections making it more precious and royal- its worth to wear!

A royalty with grace!


Arabic sultans and royals’ favorite- Kilian’s Pure Oud is a timeless classic of eternity and beauty. This top Arabian oud perfume is for men who love to wear heavy and uncompromising fragrance that carries the power to lure all around!

Among best oud colognes, this exotic oud fragrance owes a leathery and woody aspect that is given to it by pure Oud, cypriol and guaiac oil, copahu balm, and saffron, providing it with an eternal power of glam and glare.

This best Arabian Oud fragrance makes you stand out with its endurance and classy fragrance that speaks of a refined artistic creation, making it dignified!

Magnetic Oud of the pure soul!

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