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“No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.” – Coco Chanel

Patchouli called the scent of the ’60s. It is a plant found in Asia’s tropical territories that yields fragranced oil, distinguished as the “patchouli oil,” which was utilized as essential or fundamental oil in Asia for quite a long time. It is now used in the manufacturing of perfumes. With its unmistakable sweet, fiery, musky smell, patchouli oil is utilized broadly as an ingredient for fixating and as a base note in present-day perfumery.

There’s no sense as puissant and reminiscent as smell. The best colognes are not merely the perfect last touch to your outfit, but they additionally convey enthusiastic centrality. This is the reason for picking the right perfume for you is so important.  In this article, you will find the top ten best perfumes with patchouli that is a must-have.


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Making it to our top ten, Gucci Guilty was introduced in 2019 by Gucci’s design house. This magical fragrance with patchouli will make you smell fantastic for the rest of the day.

With ingredients like bergamot, musk, cedar, and the exceptional patchouli, this scent is like a male stripper, and its long-lasting fresh, invigorating fragrance will get you compliments that you could have never even imagined of. This marvelous fragrance comes in an elegant glass bottle, very pleasing to look at, and can be a good birthday gift for your man.


Next on our list is this sweet, vanilla-like fragrance, Vanille Patchouli Eau de Parfum by Molinard. The scent was launched in 2015 and is specifically made for women who want to smell sugary and sexy from dawn to dusk. This delightful perfume with patchouli will blow men’s socks off, and with its decent longevity, your confidence and style will always stay on point.

This perfume with sandalwood and patchouli as its top notes, vanilla and benzoin as its heart, and white musk and vanilla as its base notes make it a perfect and a must-have product for every woman out there.


This woody unisex fragrance by Nicolai will give you flashbacks from the ’60s. This chypre scent is designed for men and women, making it one of the best perfumes with patchouli. This versatile fragrance is best for night time events and goes well with most personalities.

This big compliment getter contains lavender, orange, and germanium as its top notes, with rose, cinnamon, and patchouli as its middle notes and amber, sandalwood, and vanilla base notes. The scent is popular with fellows from the ’60s as it makes them reminiscent of their old days.


 Manufactured in Grass, in the south of France, this fragrance is all about patchouli. First launched in 2015, this fragrance’s actual strength lies in its simplicity. Alongside the apparent strong patchouli heart note, the scent contains geranium, neroli, orange, musk, sandalwood, and vanilla. This scent is unisex, making it suitable for both women and men.

The versatile fragrance works very well with any season or time of the day. For patchouli fans, this one is absolutely a great buy because not only does it provide an incredible, strong fragrance, but its longevity really can’t be beaten as well.


Patchouli by Reminiscence, an oriental woody fragrance, is a classic from the ’70s. This scent intends to capture the aesthetics of the 1970s and is a total beast. The fragrance is a warm patchouli embrace, a mug of patchouli beverage, specifically designed for women, making it one of the best fragrances with patchouli.

 This fragrance is dominated by patchouli, of course, supported by strong notes of Tonka, vanilla, and laudanum, as well as lighter notes of cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, and musk. This long-lasting, powerful fragrance is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin and comes in a sturdily constructed bottle of 6.8oz.


Rabwa by Rasasi perfumes uses patchouli oil, along with vanilla and musk as its base notes, creating a fragrance that enhances one’s natural scent. With its elegant bottle and an affordable price, it’s like a bomb you are getting with no compromise on quality.  With its addictive scent, Rabwa is a fragrance that can be used by both men and women. Its classy design and long-lasting fragrance make it a product that adds to one’s personality.  This dreamy, dramatic, striking scent is infused with the finest of ingredients, making it ideal for night parties and events.


With its unique, woody-floral scent, the Dahn Al Oud Eau de Parfum by Nabeel Perfumes is one of our ten best perfumes with patchouli. If you are to get one Oudh in your life, this is the one to get.

With the strong, spicy aroma of sandalwood and cloves, alongside the base notes of patchouli, oud, and agarwood, this unisex fragrance will enchant you as you smell the sweet scent of jasmine and ylang-ylang, taking you to the woods. The beautifully blended, the captivating scent comes in a gold-hued bottle, contained in a velvety gold-hued box with earthy-colored foil detailing.

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Are you looking for the ideal women’s perfume with patchouli? Here it is, the alluring Ange Ou Demon Le Secret by Givenchy. Givenchy Ange Ou Demon is a fascinating, attractive perfume because of its scent and its gorgeous bottle that looks like a well-crafted piece of precious stone.

It is a fruity, floral fragrance that is not too sweet, light, and fresh, just a perfect blend, making it wearable for every occasion. Filled with notes like patchouli, green tea, cranberry, jasmine, and white musks, this is also a seductive fragrance that some women might prefer for night outs.


Described by Ralph Lauren as timeless, Romance is a fragrance that brings you along that story of love that you would imagine. Launched in 1998, the scent is best suited for spring and summertime. It has got its element of freshness in it, and you will never stop getting compliments wearing this.

With a beautiful, well blend of carnation, white violet, musk, ginger, oakmoss, lily and, patchouli, this fruity floral scent is perfect for daytime and nighttime occasions. Women of every age can wear Romance by Ralph Lauren. This incredible scent is unquestionably going to make you obsessed with it.

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White Patchouli by Tom Ford, the last of our top ten picks, is one of the best perfumes with patchouli base notes. This fragrance was developed in collaboration with a perfumer from Givaudan. The combination of patchouli with white flowers makes this fragrance smell like heaven.

This hypo-allergenic, powerful fragrance gets people’s attention and is ideal for everyday wear. The fragrance contains bergamot and coriander notes, both of which give their exotic oriental vibes, and the patchouli that names the fragrance comes in the base alongside incense and wood notes, generating a woodsy floral scent that smells divine.

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