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Every individual has their signature scent, which is wearable for all types of occasions and makes them stand out. When selecting a perfume for young girls, especially teenagers, one needs to keep in mind that the selected scent is an essential part of their grooming process. Not only will a decent perfume make these girls feel good about themselves, but it will also help them feel more confident and help accentuate their identity.

Buying a teenage girl perfume can be a complicated task. Several factors have to be into account, such as whether it is long-lasting or has a sweet, delicate scent or not. Teenage girls are also more into following trends and fitting in and prefer to buy popular girls perfume. It is best to avoid classic, rich, and completely floral scents that may be more suitable for adults. Given below are our ten best picks of perfumes for girls.


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This light and fresh perfume was first introduced in the early 2000s by Dolce & Gabbana. It has a lively scent that is quite feminine and lively. It is recommended to wear Light Blue during the summer, and its fresh fragrance makes it the best perfume for teen girls. Its translucent bottle and classic design work well as a gift for teen girls.

Light Blue’s top notes consist of crisp apples and delicate bluebells. The heart notes then kick in to form a mild, floral scent of airy jasmine and white rose. The fragrance then settles down into more musky scents such as amber, juniper, and bergamot. This fragrance is long-lasting and works well in most weathers.


Gianna Versace released Versace Versense and targeted it towards teenage girls. In fact, the entire brand itself caters to young people. This fragrance is quite versatile and suitable for most personalities. High-quality ingredients are used to make sure it works well for all skin types and is long-lasting.

The structure of the perfume comprises of Mediterranean components such as olive and citrus fruits. Versense is a woodsy and pleasing scent and is categorized under the best perfumes for teenage girls. This modern scent with light aromas will be the perfect touch to a young girl’s personality.


Black Orchid by Tom Ford is a luxurious and exquisite girls’ perfume designed for older teenage girls. The bottle is black, and quite elegant and sleek looking, making it the perfect gift for the girl in your life. This rich and alluring potion is long-lasting and has a subtle but slightly intense smell, making it great for everyday use.

Intoxicating scents of black orchids and spice are present in this perfume for girls. The usage of some alcohol ingredients helps this fragrance last for a long time. Best suited for chilly weather like the beginning of fall.


Specifically designed for young girls, Marc Jacobs Daisy is a fresh, light, and feminine fragrance for girls. The packaging is quite cute, with a clear glass bottle and daisies on top, and would look great on a dresser. The scent is quite popular amongst young girls, as it makes them reminiscent of their childhood days.

The floral-fruity perfume is bubbly and has top notes of violets and strawberries. The scent settles down to reveal violet and jasmine floral notes, with long-lasting musky notes of vanilla. This light and airy fragrance works well for everyday use and is a great perfume choice for young girls. This well-balanced fragrance lasts for a while and is best suited for spring and summer.


The pretty pink packaging is enough to draw young girls’ attention to this perfume bottle. This bubbly and soothing fragrance has slightly spicy notes, making it a well-balanced fragrance. It is light and refreshing and truly captures the essence of femininity.

Hippie Chic contains high-quality ingredients, and the blend of aromas ensures that a few spritzes last the entire day. With top notes of raspberry, apple, and pomegranate and heart notes of jasmine and lily, this floral-fruity girls perfume will help radiate playfulness and confidence. Woody and musky base notes will give off a sheer sensuality in a chic manner.


Nina Ricci designed Nina for girls who wanted to feel more beautiful and confident. The perfume is encased inside of a red bottle that resembles an apple and looks cute. The blend of fragrances in Nina will give off a modern yet classy touch to a young girl’s personality.

The most distinct smells on the application are of fresh green lime and cotton candy. It then settles down to reveal sweet notes of apple and caramel. This girls perfume will help girls feel vibrant and strong and can last for long periods. Its popularity amongst young girls shows that this is one of the best perfumes for teenage girls.


As the name suggests, Lovely will quite literally make you feel and smell delicate and beautiful. Made out of high-quality ingredients, the finishing of this teenage girls perfume is resilient and lasts for a long while. It has a clean and relaxing smell, and the scent isn’t too overpowering.

This fragrance has notes of lavender, patchouli, and orchid, as well as musky notes of cedarwood and rosewood. This perfume works well for daily use.


The beautiful heart-shaped, eye-catching bottle of this perfume is what makes it one the most popular perfume for girls, as well as the actual fragrance itself. Sweet and intoxicating, this perfume will make you feel and smell whimsical and dreamy.

With a heavenly blend of aromas such as vanilla, apple, lilies, and amber, this perfume is an excellent way of enhancing your daily routine and adding a bit of sparkle to your personality. This playful fragrance works well after a shower or for a night out.


This floral and fruity fragrance by the American Juicy Couture is the perfect touch to ramp-up a teenage girl’s personality and confidence. The scent is quite dreamy and aromatic and perfect for nights out or early mornings.

It comprises a mixture of notes such as ripe berries, mandarin, and sweet honeysuckle, making the fragrance itself quite intoxicating. The packaging is also quite fun and works well as a lovely gift. Viva La Juicy works well for all skin types and needs to be re-applied throughout the day.


Prada Candy aims to add a sophisticated and elegant touch to teenage girls’ personalities. This feminine fragrance gives off a vibrant personality and makes girls appear more confident. It is sweet and made out of the finest quality ingredients to ensure it works well for a long time.

It consists of hypnotic notes of caramel, honey, and vanilla. Floral notes of lilies and oranges are also present. This perfume is warm, silky, and great for nights out as well as everyday use.  

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