Best Pheromone Colognes for Men- Top 7 Reviews

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pheromone cologne for men

Get an extra boldness and strength with the best pheromones colognes for men. The pheromone in the Cologne makes you gain striking looks with a maximized duo of respect and confidence that will make you more attractive to women.

Yea… It’s that magical

But what to choose that best represents your mode, interest, and lifestyle? Don’t you worry! We have reviewed, rated, and ranked the seven best male Pheromone Cologne for you down below. Go ahead and explore this new world of unique pheromone colognes to choose the best standing, great fragrance as your signature scent!


1. RAW CHEMISTRY - Cologne For Him
1. RAW CHEMISTRY - Cologne For Him
2. EYE OF LOVE – Confidence Booster
2. EYE OF LOVE – Confidence Booster
3. NEXUS PHEROMONES - Attract Women
3. NEXUS PHEROMONES - Attract Women
4. DO ME - Premium
4. DO ME - Premium
5. REALM - Intense
5. REALM - Intense
6. PHERMA LABS - Attract Men
6. PHERMA LABS - Attract Men

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So let’s get right into the honest and unbiased Men’s Pheromone Cologne reviews.


The best raw chemistry pheromone perfume for male that ranks No.1 on Fragranceer’s list is Raw Chemistry For Him that smells amazing with sensual auras. This alluring smell is both appealing and engaging with the proven power of deep attraction.

With the fantastic scent that can’t be overlooked, this pheromone based Cologne incredibly lasts for 24 hours to appeal to her desires.

The most effective and the best selling raw chemistry pheromones spray for men today is silky, smooth with a moisturized blend to help with sensitive skin.

The Cologne is alcohol-free with a remarkable blend of natural oils, In addition to human grade pheromones, to protect your skin while allowing for a long-lasting, amazing scent.

This could be yours; have it!


Eye of Love is a pheromone perfume for men that boosts your confidence, stuns your looks, and fills you with strength and vigor.

The combo of androstenone pheromone cologne with essential oils, in this perfume, is something that’s not commonly found in men’s Cologne. This composition is going to strike you in the eyes of your special someone.

This top pheromone perfume spray is seductive with a right blend of compulsive ingredients like jasmine, vanilla, and other musky notes along with an inviting hint of bright citrus.

Perfumes like these aren’t made for hot and tropical climates. They quickly show signs of going bad, and that’s the last thing you want to do in front of the women you love or are attracted to.

Consider buying this exclusive smell to drive someone crazy!


Nexus Pheromones manipulates a natural blend of chemicals that’s just effective. It’s going to stimulate your woman with the carefully crafted pheromones that are enough to drive her wild!

Nexus added a faint scent to mask the pheromones’ musky scent to make you easy on the eye.

Consider spraying this men’s pheromone cologne, at least one to three times, on some of the pulse points of your body like neck and wrist.

Daytime is probably the best opportunity to spray some of this on your clothes and head out, or you can also make fair use of it in bed-time. It is undoubtedly going to boost your confidence and gain you the best compliments.

Be smart! Have smart!


Make your look the significant one, with few blasts of this pheromone spray featured by Do Me. This product is with the only aim that is to increase your visibility and make your crush crazy at you.

Worth trying, Right!

This Cologne with pheromones is a fantastic blend of the four most effective and popular human-grade pheromones. This bottle carries no less than 57 mg of pheromones, which is a considerably bigger concentration that most of its counterparts on the market.

This mini-blast easily fits in your pocket, so you have it handy whenever required.

This glam- pheromone cologne is free from the widely used chemicals that potentially harm the wearer. It’s neither tested on animals nor contains any animal-derivatives.

What are you waiting for? Go. Grab it!


Realm intense for men is sensually awakening human pheromone cologne with an irresistible blend that awakens your sixth sense and makes your look difficult to miss.

This noticeable scent is an exquisite mixture of green and bright notes that promise a delightful, intense aura, at a minimum.

Realm intense opens up with citrus green notes of basil that blend in and create a funky yet soothing scent. As you go further, you come up with the more delicate notes of patchouli that adds warmth to it. This cozy concoction then settles in with the base notes of amber and Tonka beans.

It’s a ticking bomb, with longevity- quite impressive. This could be your regular signature scent, in and out!


If you are in search of a magical power that makes you irresistible, Cheers then! This Cologne is what exactly you are looking for!

PhermaLabs Pheromone cologne will help you build and boost your esteem like never before. It’s specifically designed for gay men and will make your presence felt and noticed.

You can enjoy its miraculous effect all day long without the need to reapply it. This cologne oil is going to stay on your skin for hours. Just have some puffs in the morning and be irresistible for the rest of the day!

Wear it now and feel the difference instantly- men around you will be amazed!

Get irresistible right away!


This Cologne by Viral Chemistry is a captivating fragrance with a definite allure to capture your woman’s senses.

Viral Chemistry claims that this enchanting formula has been scientifically proven for increasing attraction between both the sexes and, to an amaze, will double the appeal to their sexual receptors through emotional responses.

The bunch of chemicals used in this pheromone cologne for men is human-grade with zero percent harm for the wearer. It is one of the finest combos by brand Viral that you can put your trust in them without a worry.

People talk about this perfume like a scent that may wear off, but the pheromones stay intact even after 35 hours of application and keep grabbing attention from women.

However, it’s not ideal for those who are looking for a musky and masculine aroma! It’s pretty odorless in your case!

With freshness that endures to allure!

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