7 Best Polo Ralph Lauren Cologne For Men

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Master of the cologne world, Ralph Lauren has produced several lines of designer scents in which the Polo colognes series is a top catalog.

A Polo cologne wave adds in a note of distinction to your style, making you feel rich, noble, and buoyant with the luxurious blend of spicy and woody auras. Polo Cologne adds excitement, boldness, and charm to your class and elegance.

In a wide range of classic series of men Polo fragrances, it’s difficult for you guys to make a decision; which one to go with?

With the top seven Polo cologne reviews, we have sought your problem out. Hence add some of the best fragrances from Ralph Lauren’s line of Polo colognes to your FragRobe.


3. Polo Red Intense
3. Polo Red Intense
7. Polo Red Rush
7. Polo Red Rush

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The best Polo colognes, very subtle and beautiful with the power of seduction!

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Classic and dewy Polo Green- the best Ralph Lauren cologne of the Polo series is with a sharp masculine scent. This best selling polo cologne is ruling the fragrance world for more than 3 decades and has withstood all the tests of time.

The first-class Polo Green Ralph Lauren cologne is a unique combo of subtle notes featuring tobacco, leather, wood, basil, and oakmoss – owing to you a bold look.

Men’s polo cologne green best suits the men with an active routine. You can wear it up in social gatherings, business meetings, during hangouts, and even for dinner dates.

Now built a dark and deep sensual aura with the Polo Green cologne that will spellbind your entrance and bewitch your looks. Polo Green is going to make you stand high with an overloaded duo of confidence and power.

Dazzle one around you with Green tsunami!


The best Polo fragrance- Polo Sport- is a fresh, energizing, and sporty scent that will entice you through its light and uplifting aromas inside.

This best smelling Polo cologne opens up with refreshing citrusy notes of lemon, mandarin, lavender, and bergamot. Look more in-depth; it’ll lavish you with discerning cool and fresh heart notes of seagrass, cyclamen, rose, and jasmine. This aura then settles in with the subtle base notes of musk, sandalwood, cedar, guaiac wood, and amber.

A summer day wears with moderate sillage and longevity; the Polo Sport rejuvenates you with an active, confident, prevalent, and dashing look that compliments your personality vibes.

Define your game with Polo Sport!


The 2015 Polo Red Intense cologne for Men by Ralph Lauren is an intense version of the Polo Red that shifts the signature scent into overdrive. It features a dark profile with strong hints of spicy auras that are earthy and elegant.

The rush begins with the fruity top notes of blood grapefruit, cranberry, lemon, and saffron. This super concoction then combines with ginger, coffee, sage, and lavender, being the middle notes. And this all ends up at a great fusion of amber, red cedar, and leather spray-a warm and spicy accord.

Overall, this top Polo cologne offers a long-lasting combination of spice and wood with a bit of sweet sensation at the end.

The fragrance lasts long with a bit high sillage—the best scent for all seasons that you can wear day and night.

Intense the world with your looks!


Polo Black, a luxurious fragrance of 2005, is a simple and bold scent that allures your first impression.

Polo Black owns a woody aromatic profile that combines sweet floral notes with more distinctive woody base notes. It is an exceptional and sophisticated fragrance that blends silver armoise, iced mango, Spanish sage, and patchouli noir.

This infusion of modern notes has turned Polo Black into a daring cologne that speaks to the urban, modern style of the gentleman who wears it.

A blend that creates an air of elegance and grace is an excellent choice for special events and occasions. With average longevity, it is designed to be worn at any time of the day.

Lures in new experiences with Polo Black!


The energizing and refreshing cologne; Polo Blue is a relaxed and casual vibe that makes you feel in rolling fields and open sky.

Polo Blue is an aquatic scent that is a gentle blend of revitalizing fruity top notes of melon, verbena, and washed suede. Now the subtle heart notes of basil, geranium, and sage fuses in with the undertone of amber that is warm and inviting.

With an immense aquatic profile, this top quality unique fragrance by Ralph Lauren boasts a light, airy scent that is great for warm spring and summer evenings.

Featuring a straight-from-the-shower impression makes it perfect for outdoors as well as formal occasions.

Dive into Polo Blue!


Men’s cologne Ralph Lauren Polo Red is a strong, sweet, and warm concoction of spicy blends.

Red Polo cologne owes a fiery aroma that carries the top, middle and base notes of red grapefruit, red saffron, sage, redwood, hot amber, and redolent coffee beans to a perfect sillage.

Polo cologne Red carries an exotic and sensual theme that gives men an exciting fragrance ideal for any event or occasion. With a masculine vibe, it’s perfect to be your signature scent.

Offering a soft sillage and a relaxed feel creates an impression of wealth and warmth with an intelligent twist of a hazy seduction & intimacy.

Create a light-hearted ambiance of positive vibes with Polo Red!


The new Polo cologne Red Rush is the fourth volume in the Polo Red series. It delivers in an instant rush of freshness and energy with a score of passion and freedom.

The bottle opens up with a sizzling hot juicy burst of apple that is a noticeable blend of sweet and citrusy notes. This fizzy concoction is then energized by red mandarin and fresh mint that eventually settles in with the touch of cedarwood base note.

It is an aqua parfum that is up with fantastic auras but poor longevity. However, sillage is relatively moderate. 

Being a light scent overall, it fits neatly into a sporty genre that also transcends the summer and Autumnal seasons. 

A Red summer to be celebrated!

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