10 Best Smelling Winter Fragrances For Men

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Winter is approaching, and it is time for you to let go of all the fresh, fruity, and fun scents and bring out bolder and darker ones. Winter brings numerous celebratory occasions along with itself, and festivity is generally in the air due to how pleasant the weather becomes. From office parties to nights out with your loved one to family gatherings or quite possibly, a romantic New Year’s Eve, it is up to you to stay stylish and smell your best even during these chilly months.

When it comes to finding the best winter cologne for yourself, you need to pick up bold, rich, and sensual scents. Winter season demands stronger fragrances that are long-lasting and help you radiate confidence—confused about the number of winter colognes to choose? We have you sorted. Our list comprises of the ten best men’s winter colognes, making you feel your very best during the days of winter.


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Launched in 2019, Acqua Di Parma is a mixture of various high-quality ingredients and goes on very smoothly. This fragrance has fruity and citrusy notes of orange, lemon, bergamot, and petitgrain, adding a bold and warm touch to your look. Middle notes of cardamom and lavender give off a clean look.

High-quality sandalwood imported from India is used for endnotes in this men’s cologne, along with tonka bean and amber, making it seductive and sensual once it dries down. Acqua Di Parma is long-lasting and is one of the best winter cologne for men. Its versatility makes it great for everyday use but works best for romantic nights out.


Best suited for work and office parties, Baraonda has a subtle, comforting, and refined smell, making it an excellent men’s winter cologne. This heavenly cologne opens with notes of the finest whiskey, and other woody and musky notes add more depth to this men’s winter cologne. Slight notes of rose are also present in this cologne, which adds a bit of sensuality.

Baraonda also contains ambroxan, which makes it a long-lasting cologne. Just one spritz will be enough to last you for hours. This nutty, woody and raw cologne would also be an excellent gift for the man in your life.


If you’re looking for a budget-priced men’s winter cologne, Kenneth Cole’s Black is the one for you. This fragrance has a mixture of ingredients, making it smell both heavy, bold, and light at the same time. It mainly has fresh, spicy, and citrusy notes. With notes of mandarin, ginger, and suede, this fragrance is sure to make heads turn towards you.

Kenneth Cole Black is versatile enough to be worn during all weathers but works best for winter. This aromatic fragrance with musky and woodsy notes is long-lasting and is one of our top picks for top winter perfumes.


Bentley is yet another cheap winter fragrance that makes you smell your best all day long. This masculine scent is balanced enough with both dry and woody notes; however, it is more suitable for men than young boys. The fragrance opens with notes of violets, nutmeg, and tangerine. It then dries down to heart notes of jasmine and patchouli and base notes of cedar, moss, and musk.

Bentley for Men Black Edition is an elegant fragrance and is excellent for professional use, such as for work. It is long-lasting and guarantees you the compliments due to its unique smelling nature.


This fragrance is the best seller when it comes to men’s winter colognes. This reputable fragrance is a cheaper alternative to Aventus but has its main focus on citrusy notes. Although its main notes are leathery, citrusy, and fruity, it also contains smoky notes that distinguish Aventus.

Armaf Club has fruity top notes of black current and pineapple. The fragrance then dries down to heart notes of jasmine and rose and creamy base notes of vanilla and patchouli. This men’s winter fragrance can garner you compliments and make you feel elegant, classy, and confident.


The One by Dolce & Gabbana might be the best winter cologne for men and is sure to give you attention and compliments from your peers. This cologne has a woody and spicy scent, with prominent grapefruit, basil, and coriander notes. The fragrance dries down to reveal notes of ginger, orange blossom, and cardamom, as well as musky notes of amber, cedar, and tobacco.

The scent is long-lasting and quite seductive. It works well for nights out, and a simple spray is enough to last you the entire night. The perfume is encased inside of a classy and elegant bottle, making it an excellent gift for the man in your life.


This loud and bold fragrance will announce your presence for you and is a head-turner for sure. This sensual and seductive cologne has intense, opening notes of spicy and fiery ginger, followed by cocoa, cinnamon, and sweet french vanilla. The intoxicating blend of caramel tones and spicy balsamic notes make this a well-balanced fragrance that is both alluring and long-lasting.

It is recommended to wear Pure XS Night on nights out, such as a New Years Party with your sweet one. This modern winter men’s cologne is a great way to show people that you are ready to party.


This cologne is categorized under the best winter perfumes 2020 list, considering it was released only in 2020. Dior Homme is not as intense as its predecessors but still has its unique scent and presence. Its uniqueness and the lighter scent makes it more versatile for use, and this fragrance is ideal for both work and party purposes.

With main floral notes of lavender and iris and woody base notes of cedar, this fragrance gives off a pleasant, buttery feeling and chocolatey, irresistible aromas. This long-lasting men’s winter cologne will be perfect for a night out or a cozy night at home by yourself as well.


This budget-priced winter cologne will be a great addition to any man’s dressing table. The main notes of cardamom, lavender, leather, and menthol make this a well balanced sensual and masculine fragrance. It is long-lasting, with 2 or 3 spritzes lasting for more than 8 hours.

The leather undertones in Carolina Herrera make it the perfect pairing for a leather jacket outfit. It gives off an ideal wintery feeling to your look.


Eight & Bob mainly comprises of earthy notes, with its main notes being of grapefruit and clove. The fragrance then settles down into richer and muskier main notes of tobacco and tonka. Although it is not as long-lasting and needs to be sprayed regularly, it is still a decent and affordable men’s winter cologne.

Wearing this will add a more sophisticated touch to your look, and it is recommended to wear this cologne to formal occasions such as traditional dinner parties, work gatherings, etc.

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