7 Best Smelling Woody Colognes for Men

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Finding the perfect fragrances for men can be rather tricky. An excessively citrus scent or zesty cologne oozes a lot of character, but both frequently needed to be used repeatedly. In this regard, woody colognes are appraised as one of the best fragrances for men that imbued endurance, longevity, and character.

Like the earth itself, woodsy notes are perfectly layered and overflowing with a faintly erotic nature. The woody component in cologne summons immortal manliness and is known to convey euphoric floods of warmed pheromones.

But wait. What’s so special about smelling like the earth?

His manliness judges a man, his touch evokes an impression, his auras leaves warmth and comfort, his smell speaks what you want- Let your wood speak all!

Now the choice is yours. Choose the best, and say what you want, from our well-cultured list of 7 best smelling woody colognes for men.

Shoot the breeze from your choice and let the wood speak loud!


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The Best Primordial scents for impression makers!


Go on the ocean’s voyage with the best woody cologne- Eternity- that speaks of a fresh modern man whose elegance won’t be denied.

Calvin opens Eternity with the revitalizing cucumber coupled with the prominent scent of deep woods with the fresh ocean breeze. It starts with Chilled cucumber, citrus cocktail, water lotus with drenched green leaves that fuses with the fragrance heart—a heart made of Szechuan pepper, lavender, and sensual white cedarwood. Now, the mystery of glamour and romance is revealed with Sandalwood’s spells, guaiac wood, patchouli, and magical musks.

A fashion enthusiast is going to fall for this appealing musky-woodsy fragrance that exudes confidence. You’ll go crazy in its lingering light sillage that is completely clean, fresh, and incredibly invigorating- making it hard to notice it in close proximity. It’s a fantastic scent of casual evening wear.

Fall for Klein’s Eternity!


Dior Homme by Christian is a woodsy men cologne, featuring a luxurious touch that makes you feel incredible. With the strong powers of wood, this scent can be your ideal first step in the world of colognes.

This wood scent cologne offers soft, woody auras that are accented by high definition notes of iris and other floral extracts. The rumbling notes of moss and wood linger loud at its base to add in crisp, sharp, and deep effects.

The notes of this woody scent cologne mingle well together to create a very unique profile that is as interesting to wear as it is to be around. This extremely refreshing and incredibly appealing woody note perfume is a perfect match for your days and nights of spring and summer.

Homme! Spread your accent with Christian Dior!


First on the stage in 1995, by Jean-Paul was Le Male that carries the power to knockout. It’s a great compliment for a man that’s just truly-unforgettable.

At first, you will get caught by the powerful top notes of artemisia, cardamom, mint, and bergamot. This concoction is followed by middle notes of lavender, orange blossom, cinnamon, and cumin that sinks to the base made of Sandalwood, vanilla, Tonka Bean, and Amber- creating around out, a charismatic fragrance for the modern man.

This warm Le Male owes a family of notes that is both gentle and masculine at once. This traditional cologne that smells like wood is classy and appealing, creating a sensual veil all around. Wait not- just speak what you want- Le Male!

Give masculine vibes out with Le Male!


The game-changer of designer world Dior Homme Intense is a modern piece by Christian Dior. It reflects musky mallow woody undertones that are enough for reviving the senses. So, create an Intense world around you to dazzle all!

This intense woody fragrance for men begins its journey with lavender being the top note. It mingles with the heart notes oozed by iris, ambrette, and fruity pear to create a combo. The scent then slowly dries down to the base created by vetiver and Virginia cedar.

This well constructed and sophisticated best woody fragrance drives crazy with its lingering auras. It’s winter wear that you can enjoy at get together- Create your evening out with the best experience offered by Intense!

Intense the world around with Homme Intense!


The modern gentleman 1 Million is a cult favorite intense woody cologne out in the world by Paco Rabanne. It’s an irresistible woodsy fragrance that drives women absolutely wild.

This complex-classic composition is a fusion blast of spicy and oriental undertones making an overall scent strong and unique yet unexpected. The top and mid is a citrusy-peppery wild topping of blank pepper and mandarin notes that sinks into the base notes of white wood, amber, and patchouli- evoking a feeling of masculinity.

 Dressed up in the packaging of a solid gold bar, this best wood fragrance exudes a refined yet assertive aroma that is perfect for evening outs. It’s a distinctive, elegant richness possessing depth that suits a well-tailored suit- making it popular even among the women.

Drive your love crazy with a 1Million fragrance!


Mesmerize with the Ireland vibes of Patrick cologne that brings to you the woody tales- clean, crisp, refreshing, and mysteriously sensuous.

This wood scented cologne is an intriguing ride enriched in citrus highs and musky lows. It lingers with the essence of pine and fern, making an overall experience a top-up.

This wood cologne for men comes in an elegant design that is simple and beautiful. It’s strong and incredibly long-lasting, hence, best for evening hangouts.  Just wear it on and get packed in the spells it spreads- Ideal for free-spirited, brave men!

Get noticed with Patrick’s puffs!


To create a unique story of lingering woody notes, Usher rushes to bring HE in the cologne-topia.

The story is of deep, musky tones that fall in love with Amber, Sandalwood, and guaiac’s hearty wood notes. Together these notes create a sensual experience for the Usher HE, giving out an exceptionally masculine vibe rarely felt in other colognes. Instead of citrusy characters, Usher HE features the lightness of lavender peppered by white pepper, creating an intermix of sweet and spices for a predominantly woody aroma. To make HE his own statement, musk, and suede jump in, creating a veil you’ll definitely want around.

Usher is an evening storyteller that leaves a great impression on the audience with the heavily designed sultry notes. Define your own story with Usher-HE!

Create a fine tail with Usher HE!

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