Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes for Women – Review

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Best Victoria Secret perfumes for women

Victoria’s Secret is a brand that I have admired my whole life. In this article, I will do a rundown of the best Victoria’s Secret perfumes for women. However, they are quite pricey; you can often get them discount hits on other (non-official) websites. So I would say never buy in stores, where they’re most expensive, get them online. I have left links below for the Victoria Secret perfume list to get them at better prices than in-store.


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So let’s get right into the honest and unbiased Victoria Secret perfume reviews.


Let’s start with probably the most famous, most well-known “Bombshell.” This perfume is like a tropical, sweet cocktail. You’ve got pineapple in there, strawberry-passion fruit is the main sense. So it feels like a fresh fruity rather than deep and sticky. I wouldn’t personally describe it as like a BOMBshell; I think if something’s called a bombshell, it’s going to be heavy. It is quite a young smell, and it’s something that I’d associate with the pink range of best seller victoria secret perfume, which is for teenagers. So it’s like innocent passion fruit fun. Bombshell is probably a more daytime fresh fragrance.

Fragrance type: Fruity Floral

Notes: Purple Passion Fruit, Shangri-La Peony and Vanilla Orchid


Then, you can get bombshell intense, which is an entirely different fragrance. Bombshell Intense is also one of the best selling victoria secret perfume. It’s not just a version of the original, or it is not a true flanker. It’s another fragrance in itself, that is vanilla and cherry. So this is more grown-up with a sweet cherry. I quite liked it. I love cherries, and I like sweet fragrances, but this is more nighttime boudoir sweet vanilla cherry.

Fragrance type: Chypre Fruity Floral

Notes: Lush Cherry, Red Peony and Sultry Vanilla


There’s also a bombshell seduction. Now, this is a bit of an odd one. Again nothing like the original; it has tuberose, sage, and musk. So this is like greeny, florally, tuberose. I wouldn’t say that it is a seductive fragrance even though it’s called that. I find this to be an odd one, but if you want something like a greenie, this is probably a good option. If you want Victoria Secret, but you don’t wish to smell like a sweetshop, and if you like tuberose and sage, this one’s for you.

Fragrance type: Floral Oriental

Notes: White Peony, Sage, Velvet Musk


TEASE is the fragrance that you probably have come across, one of the best victoria secret perfume. This perfume is also sweet vanilla, delightful with some frozen pear. You’ve got cherry, chocolate, and orange.

TEASE got a considerable amount of notes, but the vanilla sweetness comes across the most. So like Bombshell, I find this quite a young teenager type smell, like a Juicy Couture smell, rather than something that I would associate with a glamorous, Victoria’s Secret laundry wearing woman. It’s more girly.

Fragrance type: Warm Gourmand

Notes: Black Vanilla, Frozen Pear and Blooming Gardenia


TEASE Rebel is like Parma violets and leather with a bit of rose. The leather appropriates a rebel sort of motorbike king, with the rose to keep it feminine. Then the violets mix it up of an unusual smell. Tease Rebel is the one for violet fans. The packaging is quite young, and I’d say this aimed at teenagers.

Fragrance type: Rebellious Floral

Notes: Violet Leaf, Wild Rose and White Leather


The TEASE Heartbreaker is light. You’ve got a sweet Lotus and a bit of Tonka bean in it, but it’s very airy and light. It would be fine if you give this to a 10-year-old to wear because it’s just so fresh. It even has a check tartan on the packaging, which makes me think of a school uniform. Victoria Secret’s TEASE one’s aimed at very young girls.

Fragrance type: Oriental Floral

Notes: Electric Starfruit, Purple Lotus and Tonka Bean


Eau So Sexy is a green apple. It reminds me a bit of Nina Ricci because it also has vanilla in there. It’s got some fruity vibes. It has a whipped cream note in it. So it’s super sweet, but like a  fruity green apple. It’s quite young too. For this perfume, I’d say Eau so playful would be a more appropriate name.

Fragrance type: Gourmand Fruity

Notes: Neon Sweet, a Bite of Apple and Whipped Cream


Not many perfumes marketed as hardcore; this one is Hardcore Rose. It does have loads of rose in it, and then the only other ingredient is plum. I quite like plum perfumes, so this is probably the one I would wear out of this range. Even though it’s fruity sweet, it’s a bit more grown-up, you could get away with wearing this at any age.

Fragrance type: Floral Fruity

Notes: Black Roses, Downtown Dusk and Raw Amber


Next, you have Just a Kiss. Now, this is supposed to smell like lip-gloss, and it kind of does. The smell of lip-gloss is like candy; that’s what this perfume feels. It has pink pepper and peony as well. So if you love that smell of lip gloss, you can spray it all over because Victoria’s Secret has made that smell into a perfume. It’s like a fun, playful scent, not serious at all.

Fragrance type: Fresh Fruity

Notes: Peonies, Glossy Lips and Pink Peppercorn


Next, we have the one called Very Sexy. This fragrance comes in a dark reddish bottle. I found Very Sexy one of the grown-up and mature scents. It’s got a coffee cappuccino note, musk, wood, and amber; then, it has floral and cactus notes. So it has more sophisticated ingredients. Very Sexy is one of the best fragrances from victoria’s secret.This perfume comes across as a bit deeper than the others. It smells like Tresor or Black opium.

Fragrance type: Warm

Notes: Vanilla Orchid, Sun-drenched Clementine, Wild Blackberry

Victoria Secret’s Very Sexy feels more like mainstream perfume. In contrast, a lot of other Victoria’s Secret perfumes, when you smelled them, you’d be like, oh, that’s Victoria’s Secret, or a Juicy Couture perfume, that kind of vibe. Very Sexy has such depth to it that helps to make it stand out, so this is a good one from Victoria’s Secret.


Victoria Secrets heavenly perfume is a woody, vanilla scent with gold musk, sandalwood, and white peony. The latest version of this Victoria secrets new perfume comes with such a nice bottle to hold, and it looks like the fragrance inside the fluid is gold. I am susceptible to perfume notes, and I can tell if anything, even a little bit changes in a scent, so this has changed a bit from the previous versions.

Fragrance type: Warm

Notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla and White Peony

Heavenly smells like a clean, feminine, lightly perfume with white floral, creamy, musky, and vanilla fragrance. If you’re looking for something that smells clean and feminine, and you like white florals, musk, and vanilla, this is the one to try out.


There’s then Dream Angel, which I quite like. The bottle of its kind, it’s like a rainbow prism type color. The description says that it has a rainbow; it smells of rainbows, which is a bit weird. What it does smell like are amber and jasmine. So given that it’s so transparent, I thought it’d be fresh and light, whereas it’s a bit on the oriental vibes. It’s a very light oriental amber fragrance.

Fragrance type: Oriental Woody Gourmand

Notes: Amber Crystals, Pure Jasmine and Rainbow Glow


Lastly, we have Victoria’s Secret LOVE, sexiest victoria secret perfume. This perfume is a very light apricot, juniper, and fresh fragrance. And again, the description of this perfume is weird; it says that it’s supposed to smell like your boyfriend’s t-shirts. I guess if your boyfriend washes his shirts in a Juniper flavored washing powder, then it does :), but it’s very fresh, it doesn’t smell manly at all—a very light, blushy, and easygoing young perfume.

Fragrance type: Fresh

Notes: Fresh Juniper, Apricot Blush and Boyfriend Tee

I’d say as a general rule, all the fragrances are quite sexy, sweet, and feminine, don’t take themselves too seriously.

So that’s it. There are lots of other ones that Victoria’s Secret have released over the years, so many flankers. If I were to cover them all, I think they’d be about 100. I have just covered the available ones now, and apology if anyone you liked I didn’t include, it’s maybe because they discontinued. Let me know if you wear any of these, which one is your favorite from the range?

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